KUWK: Caitlyn Jenner says she banned the Kardashian sisters from talking about OJ Simpson after her acquittal!


Another day, another revelation worthy of a headline by Caitlyn Jenner about I am a celebrity … Get me out of here! This time, the transgender icon shared that he forbade the Kardashian-Jenners to talk about OJ Simpson after his trial in which he was found "not guilty,quot; of murdering his wife and intimate friend.

Apparently, she simply did not want to hear his name at home, so she asked the television sisters to never talk about him after being acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson.

On the December 4 episode of I & # 39; ma Celebrity, Caitlyn shared that & # 39; it was a bad time for everyone, very difficult, we knew what happened and that the trial was a joke and when the verdict came, Kris He just turns to me and says "we should have listened to Nicole from the beginning, she was right."

Then he remembered that & # 39; that night when the verdict came, Kourtney and Kim were at school and loved their father, of course, and should, and had been following this for a year and a half at that time and when they entered Through the door. I think it was Kourtney who simply said: & # 39; Well, I told you that he did not & # 39 ;. And I told the girls, & # 39; just because he received a guilty verdict didn't mean he didn't and I don't want his name mentioned again in this house.

As you know, Kim's late father, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob, Robert Kardashian, was one of OJ's defense lawyers long before the family became a big name through Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


Despite the large amount of evidence that he had killed Nicole and his friend Ron Goldman, OJ was acquitted of the murder charges.

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