Kid Rock leaves his hometown restaurant after his Anti-Oprah Winfrey Rant


Late last month, it was reported that Kid Rock took the stage at a bar he had in Nashville, Tennessee, and talked about Oprah Winfrey among other celebrities. As TMZ reported today, the media reports that Kid Rock is now moving out of the restaurant because he is tired of people calling him a racist.

The rocker announced that he would not renew the license agreement for the establishment of Made in Detroit, a restaurant at Little Caesars Arena. In other words, Kid Rock is closing the restaurant at the home of the Detroit Red Wings and the Pistons.

As noted earlier, last week, Kid Rock took the stage at his Honky Tonk bar in Nashville, and said loudly with a can of beer in his hand, "f * ck Oprah!" Some of the people in the crowd felt it was a racist speech, which he even recognized during his speech, however, it didn't seem to work.

Kid Rock suggested that he loved the city of Detroit and felt it was his home, however, he felt a lack of appreciation for the millions of dollars he "injected,quot; over the years.

In addition, there was a group of protesters who intended to start picketing on Wednesday before it revealed that it would close it indefinitely.

Kid Rock added that he can be a "noisy idiot,quot; at times in his life, but the idea of ​​being racist was a ridiculous joke because he has had nothing but respect for the black community almost all his life. In addition, the artist shouted at Al Sharpton and referred to him as a "racial harassment clown."

The rocker / rapper also launched a "Trump 2020,quot;. As the fans of the star know, Kid Rock has had problems with Oprah Winfrey for many years.


Previously, the singer revealed that there were a series of stipulations and standards that she had to meet before she could go to her program a decade and a half ago. Kid Rock says Oprah's team asked him to make a list of 5 things he loved about both the presenter and the show. He declined.

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