Kandi Burruss hits husband Todd Tucker on vlog for celebrating only days after they welcomed their baby!


During a vlog in which the couple argued about becoming new parents once again in their 40s, Kandi Burruss did not hesitate to call her husband, Todd Tucker, to party only a few days after receiving their daughter Hola! The man dated Apollo Nida and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star admitted that he was angry about it!

It seems that Todd has taken a fairly "non-intervened,quot; approach to parenting and Kandi is not a fan!

In fact, I was so upset that he is no longer involved in the care of joy that suggested that they should attend marriage counseling sessions.

The vlog they posted on their YouTube channel was titled "Kandi and Todd Baby Update,quot; and fans could see the rocky dynamics between parents.

The baby was born on November 23 through a surrogate mother and is the younger sister of 3-year-old boy Ace Wells, which Kandi and Todd share together.

However, Baby Blaze has two other half brothers: Riley, 17, daughter of Kandi from a different relationship, and Kaela, 22, daughter of Todd from her previous relationship.

‘If you want to talk about what I've been complaining about in recent days, it bothered me, OK! As, seriously, I said, "we have to go to counseling because I don't like you at this time," Kandi shared in the vlog, obviously annoying.

Todd admitted that this was the case, adding that "She said she didn't like her."


And that was not all! Kandi didn't contain anything, hitting her husband: ‘I felt I was being selfish. For me, we have a new baby, obviously when it's time to do the night hours, it just doesn't try to intervene. I have to do all hours of the night. Again, as he did with Ace, this is where it bothered me that he wanted to go to the club, even if she doesn't have a week yet! – Two nights in a row! "

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