Joycelyn Savage's parents talk after she denies being behind Patreon's account


Joycelyn Savage recently appeared before the camera to tell TMZ and the world that she was not behind Patreon's account that allegedly detailed her time with R. Kelly. His family, who has been trying to get him back home for quite some time, is sad because Joycelyn is still next to the singer.

The Savage family is disappointed by the news that he was not running the account, but they believe that the things that were being said were absolutely true.

Family lawyer Gerald Griggs issued a statement that said: "We are sad and disappointed to learn that Joycelyn Savage has said that she was not the person who operated Patreon's account." We deeply wish to hear his story and in his own voice outside the presence of Robert Sylvester Kelly or anyone associated with him. For almost three years, Joycelyn Savage has not been able to speak outside of a controlled environment created by Mr. Kelly. Your video today was no different. Although we can now verify that it was not your account, the accusations still remain. These are accusations that our own independent investigation proved to be accurate and closely matched the details listed in four accusations against Mr. Kelly. "

This happens after the R,amp;B star's girlfriend read a statement to TMZ stating that she was not behind the crowdfunding profile or social media profiles that claimed she was telling the story of how Kelly had cornered her.

‘I'm really tired of all the lies that tell about the man we love so much and our best friend. It has been said that I have left him and that he has abused me and all kinds of nonsense. I said before, none of that is true. It's a shame how they are treating it. It is very bad on many levels, and he does not deserve it. I will not be part of the murder of the name, the musical career and the character of R. Kelly ".


He also took the time to ask to free his boyfriend from jail.

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