Jordyn Woods surprises fans and posts photos in lingerie with his man!


Jordyn Woods went out to play. She shared some photos on her social media account in which she wears only white lace lingerie.

He took some selfies in the mirror, and in the background, you can see a black Santa Claus. The funny thing is that Jordy calls the doll "his man." Anyway, it is best to see his funny legend below.

‘My man got mad at me because he said I never posted it, so here is #bae, I asked him what list he thinks they will do this year and most of you are on the naughty list. When you see it, you see me. Don't ask me for favors either once you discover this, my man. Yn ’Jordyn captioned the photos.

Megan Thee Stallion published this: "You know he is my man … I am outside, and you have to let him out!"

Jordyn's mother commented: "I can't be with you,quot; I'm going to take a selfie with him ""

People are laughing out loud in the comments, as you can see below:

A follower said: "Okay, but tell him I want a tummy tuck for Christmas though th’ "and one person posted this:" Lmfaooooooo you're here being bad on the net for trolls. "

Someone else joked and said, "Why does it look like Kanye in the last photo? @Kimkardashian."

Apart from this, Jordyn was invited to an important event. She presented the Best horror and suspense movie of 2019 at the NFTA Awards Show.

After the event, he hurried to the place of Roscoe Chicken and Waffles, and took some photos in front of the Nipsey Hussle mural. People praised his gaze and told him that he definitely won this year.


Jordyn lost some friends this year, but, on the other hand, he became popular for having a lot of great projects on which he has been working very hard.

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