Jennifer Lopez reveals that she's so open to & # 39; have children with Alex Rodriguez!


Jennifer Lopez is very much in love with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, and would love to have both children together! While the singer and actress is 50 years old, there are definitely options today when it comes to reproduction, so all the couple needs to start a family of their own is love!

That said, J.Lo. He revealed that he would definitely & # 39; want to try & # 39; and have more children after marrying Rodriguez!

During the People & # 39; s People of the Year interview, Jen told the media all about her plans for the future.

She made it very clear that she is eager to spend the rest of her life with her soulmate and when asked if she wanted to have children with him, Jen responded enthusiastically: Quiero I want to! I don't know if it's in God's plan, but I'd like to try. I am so open to that! "

As you know, the two are already a mixed family, at least since Jennifer is the mother of 11-year-old twins, Max and Emme, while Alex also has two children: Natasha, 15, and Ella, 11 .

Speaking of which, it seems that the young people were very supportive for their parents to commit: "When we got engaged, they were super happy … they know that there is nothing but love for them always."

Jen went on to say that it really seemed that with each passing day, everyone was getting closer and closer to each other!


As for how they prefer to raise their children, the star explained that & # 39; We try to raise our children in a way that is conscious of fulfilling our dreams, but also never in a position where we do not guide them or are not present. in their lives … that's a priority.

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