Jeannie Mai reveals the juicy details about her epic Thanksgiving dinner with the entire Jeezy family: it was a special event


The relationship between Jeezy and Jeannie Mai is going very well, despite the relative secret in which they have been approaching.

However, they are far from being the first couple who wants some privacy in their love life, so that is not surprising to any of their fans.

Still, the announcement that they were together unleashed a wave of comments from their followers, many of whom were happy to see that they were finally a little more open about the way things were between them.

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Recently, Jeezy has decided to take the next important step and has brought Mai back home to meet her extended family.

The meeting seems to have gone very well, since everyone was happy in the photos that came out later, and it was clear that there was a lot of joy in the whole thing.

In the meantime The real, co-host Loni Love asked Mai: “Then your man took you home for Thanksgiving. Jeannie, how was it?

Mai shared: “It was an unforgettable surreal moment. It was the first time we obviously spent Thanksgiving together, and to have an intimate dinner with his family … his family is beautiful. They are all such lovely people and they are fun. "

She added: “They got crazy cousins. And if you saw the story (from Jeezy's Instagram), then we turned it into a lighted party. There was a DJ, and there was an electric slip … many things were happening. But this is the most significant. I asked his aunt, who loves to bring different dishes, to make me, and I threw him around thinking that he was not going to do it, to make me … his name is Mother, and I said: & # 39; Mother , will you prepare some oxtail and some chitlins? ». And she came with Tupperware, chitlins and oxtail, and they were just for me! They weren't for everyone, and she said, "These are just for you, don't let anyone else have them." It was so beautiful to meet his family and be able to spend time together. It was special ".

Some of Jeezy and Mai's fans were a little worried about the way things were going between them, but this seemed to be triggered mainly by their secret attitude about their relationship.

However, things calmed down once the two became more open about their love life, and it seems that things are already moving in a beautiful direction: the TV host even suggests having a baby one day.


Jeezy has been known for his most active attitude on social media, so it is probably he who does the most open things for his fans.

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