It is said that Camila Mendes and Charles Melton "took a break,quot; after 1 year of dating – Details!


Riverdale co-stars, Camila Mendes and Charles Melton, are no longer a couple! The two were dating in real life, but now, a source says that the couple of actors has decided to take a break after a year.

The source tells E! News that ‘Cami and Charles have been separated for a few months. They are taking a break from their relationship. It just intensified very quickly and now they are taking the time to focus on their work and themselves. "

This comes shortly after they celebrated their first anniversary.

The same informant explained that his busy careers are what got in the way.

However, they also insisted that there is no bad blood among the ex.

‘Both have separate movie projects and it has been a lot on their plates. Nothing in particular happened, they just felt busy and overwhelmed and it was a great pressure on them. They are still in touch and understand that they must be cordial while on set and throughout the press for the show. They have been filming together while they broke up and things have been normal. "

After all, since they still work together, there is no way they can ignore each other, so they have remained cordial and focused on filming.

That said, the actors are still working on Season 4 of Riverdale for now, but soon, they will have a rest as the holidays approach.

This confirms the many rumors that they had separated since it has been months since they posted photos on their platforms.


In fact, the last one in October was a photo of the cast, not even a couple!

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