Cynthia Bailey shows her vibrant natural beauty in this ethereal photo without makeup and natural hair!


Cynthia Bailey turned to her favorite social media platform, Instagram, to show her natural beauty! Celebrity Real Housewives of Atlanta posted a photo in which she had no makeup and also rocked her beautiful real hair!

Looking at the selfie he shared with his many followers, it is safe to say that the reality show celebrity looks absolutely radiant!

The photo shows Cynthia lying down and looking directly at the camera, showing her facial features!

You can see her curls simply cascading beautifully on her face and fans couldn't stop talking about her vibrant natural beauty!

In the caption, he wrote that "Healthy skin is always,quot; and added hashtags such as "healthy skin care," "spa day,quot; and "personal care."

It's great to see that she is so sure of herself and happy in her own skin and talking about self-care, this is something she seems to have been practicing a lot lately!

A couple of weeks ago, Cynthia went to her platform to share a preview of her healthy lifestyle through a video of her "no team,quot; exercise.

"Workouts in the backyard are something new," he said before explaining what kind of exercises he does and why.

It definitely seems that her healthy lifestyle and self-care go a long way because the celebrity looks amazing to the point that she and her daughter Noelle Robinson, 20, looked like sisters during an excursion in Nobu Malibu.


The two women swayed with black outfits and showed their toned frames and they were all fans when they saw the photos.

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