Christmas movie tournament: What is the best classic holiday movie?


Nothing puts us in the Christmas spirit better than a classic movie!

You weighed and voted that How the Grinch stole Christmas It was the best family Christmas movie, and now is the time to vote for the nostalgic image that deserves the title of best classic Christmas movie.

Whether these movies remind you of your last vacation with your family or that your familiarity only brings you joy, there are some movies that arise at this time of the year that should be watched and it is up to you to determine which is the best of all.

Maybe you're partial by saying "you'll shoot, kid,quot; whenever A christmas story It appears in your TV guide. On the other hand, some of you would like to go far beyond the 40s for movies like It's a wonderful life and Miracle on 34th Street.

There are also the classics that also make us laugh, like Kevin McCallister's explosive traps in Home alone, Steve Martinand John Candyfriendship in Airplanes, Trains and Automobiles or the many incidents that go wrong for the Griswold family in National Lampoon Christmas Holidays.

For those who like a bit of controversy when launching a movie, there are also debatable Christmas movies like Die hard or Gremlins Keep an eye on having told someone they do it during Christmas!

While all are great, only one can withdraw with the title, so be sure to vote next.

Also, come back on Monday when we reveal which movies are in dispute to become the best fun holiday movie of all time.

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