Camila Cabello talks about her romance with Shawn Mendes – Answer personal questions about their relationship!


Camila Cabello was sincere about her relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes, a topic that many fans have been waiting to hear more, hence the questions about it during their questions and answers on Twitter. Camilla did not hesitate to tell the world how her boyfriend makes her & # 39; feel loved & # 39; and more!

The singer answered many questions related to love since her next album is called Romance!

That said, when someone wondered what little things make her feel loved, Camila replied: respondió well, my love languages ​​are touch and words of affirmation. So, I like hugs … and also people who tell me sweet things. "

Given how much she and Shawn look in love, it must mean that he speaks his love language very well and that she does too!

Another very good question read: "How has love or,quot; romance "impacted your life in a positive and negative way during this year?"

Camila took this opportunity to talk about how happy she has been with Shawn and tell her more about what it means to her.

‘I think it makes me know myself more. I think that every time you are with someone else, it teaches you a lot about you and, of course, being in love is the best feeling in the world. And negatively, it is the strongest feeling in the whole world, so you really, really feel everything intensely. You feel intense fear, you feel intense pain, "she said.

It's nice to see that she is so open about the romance in her life now that she and Shawn are no longer trying to convince the world that they are just friends.


But of course, even if she didn't say it, the amount of PDA is a good enough indicator that they are really in love and that it is "the best feeling in the whole world!"

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