YOU. It has some things to say about social networks and the behavior of people online vs. Disconnected


YOU. I had a message about how people act on social networks versus the way they are disconnected. Just look at his message below.

‘Until it's in my face, it's fake. This social media crap becomes strange. However … My paperwork is clean and presentable so anyone can see it … IN REAL LIFE, so … # AintNoBackAndForth #UWaaayTooOldForThisSir & #ImWaaayTooRich, "said Tip.

Someone posted this: "Social networks, the new way these fake gangsters come to the royal council."

A follower said: Ese That subtitle though! Stop playing with a king. "

Another follower posted: "Well, since Wack only speaks badly about solid people through social media or when they die, I guess he will never stop 🤷🏾‍♂️ @ troubleman31,quot;

A fan told Tip: trouble @ troubleman31 And they really don't think we'll see them when they walk in real life … I know how you look hahaha. 😂 ’and someone else wrote:‘ It's the truth! People are madly disrespectful online, but in a group. Let the mouth be HUSH!

Another commenter jumped in the comments saying they are not buying. A criminal who 12 months ago for illegal military weapons is unprecedented. He keeps saying "where is the paperwork,quot;, but he still has to explain the light prayer. You can't pay the feds, so … how did you do it? Someone was singing. "

Not long ago, it was reported that there is a heated debate about the legendary status of Nipsey Hussle that floats on social media and T.I. He has decided to comment on the matter.


Even if he defended the late rapper, people still seem to hold a grudge after the much-commented episode of Deyjah Harris.

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