YOU. He doesn't care about the hate he got online after admitting he cheated on Tiny Harris.


As you can imagine, T.I. He admitted to cheating on his wife Tiny Harris and gave him a lot of hate on social media, but an internal report states that the rapper is not paying attention to any of that. Apparently, he only cares about his wife's opinion on the matter.

Not long ago, the couple was on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk program and that's where they opened up about almost getting divorced and how even Tiny "showed up,quot; at some point.

But while the Xscape singer said this, she also insisted that she never cheated on her husband, even though he definitely made that mistake.

Many people appreciated honesty and were impressed by how they managed to make things work and be in a much better place in the present.

At the same time, many social media users criticized T.I. for betraying his wife, leaving many nasty comments.

But a source tells HollywoodLife that "Tip doesn't care what people think about their marriage." The only opinion he cares about is that of his wife. They are deeply in love and united, and if people do not understand their relationship, it makes no difference to him. And there is no way I can make statements about this. That conversation (in Red Table Talk) was his statement. "


They went on to say that ‘Anyone who wants to take the time to really look and listen to what he says will understand how much he loves his wife and how committed he really is to his heart and soul. The enemies that can't see it are simply negative, and he doesn't have the time of day for them. "

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