Tiny Harris confronts Sofia Richie and Keke Palmer in this identical, tight and lush leather dress: the photos have T.I fans debating, who won this fashionable sensual face?


Tiny Harris recently drew attention to a lush pink leather dress while attending the surprise event held for Toya Wright and Robert Rushing's engagement.

T.I.'s wife He showed his curves and got a lot of attention. As it turned out, Sofia Richie and Keke Palmer wore an identical dress with very different shoes and also owned it. Who won the fashion showdown?

In news related to Tiny, she has been talking a lot about her marriage, divorce and reconciliation with her husband, T.I.P ..

YOU. He revealed why he cheated on his wife: "When I went to jail, I think she felt," Well, now I have to find out what I'm going to do. Because I don't have you here to continue the protocols and practices that we established in the fundamental stages of this relationship. So when I returned, the world was upside down. She had an air like "It's my moment." I thought we were going to start running and get back to things as they were. "

Tiny replied: “(The last straw) was when I couldn't get him to answer. Nothing worked, and he simply said, "I'm going to move as I want to move." That was it. I felt that ‘this is not the woman I left. This is not the woman I wanted. If I tell her this, she will listen and do it the way I want her to do it. ”He went and found someone where he could be like“ hey, don't move. Do that, "and I wasn't her."

A fan had this reaction to the wild interview: "He doesn't love you now, he never did! You are bewitching him to this day, bitch. Suggestion now sooner rather than later!"

This person revealed: “Tip needs to sit somewhere, let this woman say what she thinks and her truth without intervening! Your ego is colossal!

Another user of social networks wrote: "In other words, he has dreams that he could not fulfill because he was asked not to work. I applaud the men who cover their families and their needs, but if a woman has a passion of her own, it is also It is important that man let everything that is manifested without thinking that it will detract from it. ”


Tiny is a true boss.

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