Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley have stopped watching "Real Atlanta Housewives,quot; for this painful reason


This will not be easy. After a very deceptive scandal during her pregnancy, Porsha Williams has found it deeply in her heart to bring her baby into her life.

the Real Atlanta Housewives Recently, Star did an interview with Andy Cohen, where he confessed that Dennis McKinley's cheating scandal broke his heart while carrying his little daughter, Pilar Jhena.

The businesswoman also said that she not only slept with another woman, but also had an affair that pushed her to leave him.

The parents of the baby PJ now live under the same roof and are forced to relive the scandal and pain while the Bravo shows airs.

A source said Hollywood life that Porsha and Dennis don't watch the reality series and added: "Porsha and Dennis have been working hard to get their relationship back on track since the summer, and they're doing better than ever. It was hard for Porsha to forgive Dennis for cheating , and for them as a couple it was difficult to revive it and listen to people talk about it now that it is broadcast on television. It was filmed months ago and now they are in a different place. "

The family friend explained: "They have done a lot of advice and talked and listened to each other. Porsha has seen many positive changes in Dennis, and seems to have given him everything to find forgiveness. Porsha finds it difficult to see him, and Dennis has never seen the show, so he’s not interested in watching it now. It was a terrible time for both of us. "

The friend revealed: "But they are solving things. Porsha wants this relationship to work, and would love to give PJ a brother at some point. It is clear how happy he is now that they are working on this. She wants to get to that hallway with Dennis . Everyone around them is supporting them. "

Meanwhile, fans beg Porsha to run as fast as her feet can get her away from Dennis because she will cheat again.

A follower said, "Cheat me once, be ashamed of you … fool me twice … it's not stupid enough to do it again. We all made mistakes and sometimes we misjudged. We are all human. 💙"

Another sponsor declared: “Wow! What a mess! People just want to marry very badly! By all necessary means! It's sad! I want to keep his family together, but HE did not know when he did what he did and while he was wearing… .🤦🏾‍♀️👀🤷🏽‍♀️ #deserve something better (but I think she already knows) 😉 Me however , understand it, being single is not fun … but letting this be & # 39; the story of all of you … is not! 😞 ”

This person wrote: "She is a beautiful woman. I don't believe in second chances. Find someone who does you good all the time. No respect. Loni was right. All she wants is a show!

A fan of the program explained: “How are you working on things but you got engaged again? I'm lost 🤔 If you all work on things, you shouldn't take the next step to get married.? 🏻‍♀️ "


Porsha dances at her own pace.

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