Olivia Jade: this is how she reacted to Wendy Williams calling her "Privileged and Stupid,quot; in a hard tone


The show's host didn't contain anything when she criticized Olivia Jade for returning to her YouTube channel nine months after her family's university's entrance trap scandal. Wendy Williams went so far as to call the influential 20-year social network "privileged,quot; and "stupid."

Now, insider information claims to know how Olivia Jade feels about Wendy's very hard words.

Obviously, the talk show host thought she returned to her platform too quickly, but despite the "hurtful,quot; shadow, the source tells HollywoodLife that Olivia does not plan to leave YouTube.

‘The things Wendy Williams said are hurtful. Olivia is upset. But leaving YouTube is not an option because making videos is your passion; It's what makes her happy, so giving up is much worse than just facing all the hate. However, he is still very scared, which is why he kept his video short and does not have an exact schedule of when he will publish again, "the source said.

They continued explaining that first This first video was a way for Jade to face her fear. It is something you think about almost without stopping and the more you avoid it, the more frightening it becomes, so you decided to simply enter and do something. Jade has seen the comments that people have made against him online and, as difficult as it is to accept, he really is not so surprised. "

It's okay! It makes sense that Wendy is not the only one who criticizes her online, so she may not be paying as much attention to the host as hate has come from all angles.

After all, Olivia Jade was brave enough not to disable her comments in the last video she posted, so many nasty messages would surely appear.


But after all that has happened this year, the source stressed that the influencer has managed to get thicker skin.

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