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Moniece Slaughter hopes to bring light to mental health struggles after love and hip hop Hollywood Scene


Moniece Slaughter has been sincere about her struggles with depression and anxiety in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. After a scene was broadcast in which he found himself remembering a mental breakdown he had, he turned to Instagram to shed light on the struggle that millions of people face each day.

Moniece and Lil Fizz have joint custody of their son. Although lately they do not look face to face, they still have to communicate regarding the child they share.

The singer trusted a friend in Monday's episode about an incident that happened when she was getting into an episode and needed additional help from Fizz, who rejected her request.

He also said that his son asked him why he couldn't have a normal mother. She said she explained that she was working on herself so that he could have "a normal mother."

Moniece added that he was thinking of entering an internment center in order to get the help he needs.

The reality star went to Instagram to say that things did not happen the way they were portrayed on television, but made it clear that he hopes to be transparent: he contributes to a much bigger struggle for the light to shine in the conversation surrounding the mentality. Health.

She shared a message explaining what the spectators saw accompanied by a long title that said, in part: ‘All season. They begged me to have this conversation. He had spent the season totally depressed and alone. I explained that I was not willing to sit down and talk about the effects my depression had on my son with someone from the cast because I did have genuine friends in the program. I was paranoid and didn't want to talk about it. I was paranoid because the issue would create a different narrative that was not true as is always the case when it comes to my story. I was promised that when it came to my son and this sensitive topic of emotional and mental health, the issue would be accurate and the narration would be handled with care. I have always held it together in front of my son. He is my only motivation to move forward at all costs. I agreed at the end because I felt I wanted to leave the franchise, hoping to inspire or encourage someone who is struggling or suffering. I wanted to let my soul go with the hope that my heart's posture would be seen and finally I would be given some kind of understanding. That someone somewhere would feel that he is not alone. I wanted to leave a mark on the spectators that would impact. I really wanted you to see that I am human. I'm leaving because I am committed to my healing and my growth for my son. That the check and exposure have hurt me more than they have ever helped me. "


It's great to see that Moniece is passionate about getting help for herself and others.

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