Kylie Jenner is afraid to formalize her romance with Drake for this reason: reportedly, the Canadian rapper tries to convince her that they can make it work after her separation from Ex Travis Scott


The romance between Drake and Kylie Jenner seems to be as complicated as a 3D chess game right now.

According to reliable sources they spoke with Page sixAlthough the couple has been happily connected since Kylie separated from Travis Scott, she has no plans to go public with the Canadian rapper.

The person said that Drake and Kylie would never be an official couple because she knows that Rihanna's ex is a famous womanizer who is obsessed with the curvy Instagram models.

The source shared: “When the media realized, they stopped. Neither of us wants to be seen publicly as a couple. "

Drake has claimed that his womanizer days are over, but Kylie doesn't buy it. The friend shared: "She is smarter than that."

Another source spoke with Hollywood life and shared more details about the situation: "Drake has definitely overcome any kind of romantic feelings towards Kylie, and is purely platonic among them right now. While there was a certain flirting of Drake towards Kylie a while ago, it was all very fun and nothing really serious came out. Drake feels he is on good terms with Kylie, and believes they are on the same page in terms of the current situation between them. "

The second informant continued with: “Drake would never want to bother Kylie or any of the families she has ever known, so she wants to cool any of the rumors of romance. Drake won't do anything uncomfortable with Kylie; I would never want to deal with the repercussions if they became an element and then separated. He prefers to stop chasing anything while still being great friends. "

The family friend also added: “Drake thinks that Kylie is good and that they will hang out again, that's 100 percent. But will it become a full-fledged relationship? Definitely not! They know what they would be getting into if they decided to take it further, and it is safe to say that being flirting with friends is the way to go. It makes sense to the people they are and the schedules they have. ”


Do you think Kylie and Drake will work?

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