Kevin McCall lands in trouble by posting a photo of Eva Marcille amid accusations of physical abuse


Kevin McCall has been using Instagram to vent his frustration over his relationships with several people, creating controversies, and it seems he is not slowing down on that front at all.

On the contrary, he has continued to make several unusual publications about the people around him, attracting a lot of attention from his followers, although most have not been exactly positive.

Recently, he made some questionable publications regarding his former partner, Eva Marcille, who once again rekindled the wave of controversy he has faced due to his attitude on social networks.

The image shows Eva Marcille with Tyrese Gibson, with the title "The Real Jody Summers #BabyBodyPartII 2022,quot; under it.

Many people have been discussing the possible meanings of the message, and most believe that McCall once again is only playing with those around him and is only looking for answers, and his fans told him it was not appropriate, so he deleted it.

It would not be the first time McCall acts in this way, and he has already shown the world that he is willing to go far to get answers from his followers, as well as from the followers of other celebrities.

At the same time, people's patience for their mischief seems to be diminishing, and it will be interesting to see if they manage to maintain that attitude in the coming months without facing a severe reaction.

You are about to deal with many problems, so it would be interesting to see if you want to further boost your luck.

While in the Real Atlanta Housewives, Marcille spoke about his ex saying: “Domestic violence is very, very real. I went through domestic violence. I finally found the courage to come and talk about it a couple of years ago about what I went through with Kevin. I feel bad for women who have to deal with it. And it is not a matter of laughter; it's something that makes you feel very little, so you don't want to talk about it, but it stinks. "

Last month, McCall was arrested after entering an altercation with police officers in a courthouse and was slapped on several charges, including serious crimes for second-degree property damage and four misdemeanors of simple assault, terrorist threats, disorderly conduct and obstruction of law enforcement. official.


Some say it is out of control.

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