Jeezy presents GF Jeannie Mai to her family in a sweet photo


Jeezy has no qualms about further boosting his relationship with Jeannie Mai, and has made it clear to the world in several ways over the months since his love was made public.

Recently, he decided to take her home to meet his family during the holidays and, according to reports, the event developed very well, without problems or unexpected surprises.

On the contrary, apparently everyone had a great time, and this has been another indicator in the eyes of Jeezy fans that things between him and Jeannie are becoming quite serious.

The rapper has also taken the opportunity to involve his fans in social networks, and has been discussing his relationship with Jeannie completely, talking about all the fun the two have been having together and expressing his admiration for his partner.

The rapper and activist also said this about his work during the holidays: “During the holidays, I stopped at one of my favorite centers. A turning point for young people at risk inside the city and at risk. At least that is what society calls them. I see a lot of talent and potential in each and every one of them. They have within them what it takes to overcome anything that gets in the way of their dreams. And that is the fight and know that you can overcome anything. The way it starts is not the way it ends. You have it in you .. #Keepgoing‼ ️ @figgerswireless @streetdreamzfoundation ”

Initially, some of Jeezy’s followers were worried that he was not too serious about his relationship with Jeannie, mainly due to the secret approach he seemed to have about the situation in public view.

However, he finally managed to prove that he is really quite serious about things, and he has every intention of driving that relationship even further.

Hopefully, the two will not find many obstacles along the way. However, until now, they seem to be enjoying a very smooth trip, considering everything, and there seems to be no indication that things will change.


Jeezy and his beloved have surprised many with the way they approached the whole relationship and it seems that next year will be interesting for their fans.

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