Dwyane Wade's teenage son, Zaire, defends younger brother Zion for wearing a short top after hating him online!


Dwayne Wade's 17-year-old son was not willing to be left alone while the enemies hated his younger brother on social media just for being himself! That said, Zaire applauded the trolls again and is receiving high praise for it.

As you know, it all started with Dwayne's youngest son, Zion, 12, rocking a short blouse and false nails, something that people were not happy, apparently.

After the father defended him, it was the older brother's turn to defend his brother, writing a simple message that, however, went straight to the point.

He shared a photo that showed Zaire sitting on a throne and the brother at his side and in the caption, made it very clear that "We do not ask for your opinion."

Sweetly, the location also said: "Family first."

Earlier, Dwayne addressed the hatred directed at Zain, writing: "I have seen some hate after thanksgiving on social media about my family photo. Stupidity is separate (sic) from this world we live in, so that I understand. But here's the thing: I've been chosen to lead my family, not all of you. So we'll continue to be ourselves and support each other with pride, love and a smile! "

Judging by the incredibly comprehensive publication, it is safe to say that both children have had many wonderful things to learn from their class, their receptive and open-minded father.


After this, a fan praised Dwayne for supporting & # 39; individuality & # 39; of his son and, in response, he shared his wisdom even more, telling the user that as a father, his & # 39; only goal is for my children to feel that I see them, love them and support them. "

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