Donald Trump calls Justin Trudeau "two faces,quot; after he and other world leaders seem to laugh at him in a viral video


After a video of Justin Trudeau and some other world leaders who apparently gossiped about Donald Trump went viral, the US president went ahead and called the Canadian Prime Minister "two faces,quot; in response! Now, social networks are making fun of Trump for that even more!

The video that took over the Internet was filmed at the NATO conference in London, where several different world leaders were present.

Judging by the clip, it seems that Donald is not very dear in that circle, but he did not hesitate to applaud, as always.

You can see the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, asking French President Emmanuel Macron "if that is why he is late," most likely speaking of the long and tense press conference that Macron had just spoken to the American leader.

That's when Trudeau, although he never drops Trump's name, seems to make fun of him by saying that "he was late because he always takes a 40-minute press conference from the top."

Laughing, the Prime Minister adds that he had just seen the jaws of his entire team drop at the conference when he said something.

He doesn't mention exactly what he had said that caused such a reaction, but the whole group was aware, since everyone laughed, including Princess Anne.

Speaking of which, Princess Anne, it has been reported that she even refused to greet Donald Trump and his wife Melania while he was at the reception.


There was a reception line for the first couple at Buckingham Palace and Queen Elizabeth II seemed to tell Anne to also join the line like the other members of the royal family, but she ignored the suggestion and simply walked away.

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