Brazilian Rihanna makes Instagram page featuring famous doppelgangers go viral


They say everyone has a twin and, for Bajan’s beauty, singer and businesswoman, Rihanna, she has a double who lives in Brazil. Rose Cohen is beautiful and is the vivid image of Robyn “Rihanna,quot; Fenty and is sweeping the Internet. The Same Instagram account of the Same features ordinary people (and some professional celebrity impersonators) who look exactly like their favorite celebrities. Rose Cohen is the living image of Rihanna and it is difficult to know who is the real Rihanna and who is the fake when the photos of the two women are together.

The news about Rihanna’s twin has gone viral and the Internet has gone crazy over the similarities between Rihanna and Rose. Although some of the people who appear on are professional imitators, it does not remove the account or its similarities. Many of the people presented only became impersonators after hearing how much they looked like celebrities for years.

The photos of Rose Cohen, who looks incredibly like Rihanna, are becoming viral and bringing renewed traffic to the Instagram account run by Freddy Slivinski, who finds the incredible “ likes & # 39; & # 39; and then compare the photos in the account.

You can see Rihanna’s double doppelganger, Rose Cohen, in the photo slideshow below.

What do you think about the similarities between Rose and Rihanna? Do you know someone who can be a famous doppelganger?

Although he doesn’t appear on the site, Jimmy Fallon had two famous people on his show: Will Ferrell and Chad Smith. Chad is the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and he and Will Ferrell are so similar that people ask if they are twins or brothers. Some people have even suggested that their voices sound the same and that they should relate at some point.

You can see the strange similarity of Will Ferrell and Chad Smith in the following video player.

Are you going to follow the Same Instagram page of the Same? What do you think about the similarities of Will Ferrell and Chad Smith or Rose Cohen and Rihanna?


Have you ever seen a famous doppelganger or even yours?

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