Billie Eilish sometimes forgets that her fans are not her true friends


C Flanigan / imageSPACE / Shutterstock

Insurance, Billie eilish is a teenager in love with The office, but it is also a family name.

At 17, the California native is on her way to becoming a singer decorated with six Grammy nominations for the first time for next year's ceremony. While his path to a number one debut studio album was not overnight, Eilish is completely in the middle of a musical career that aspirants around the world dream of.

Still, that dream come true with its share of sacrifices. For the teenager, that includes being on the way to the tour, which can cause anxiety and move her away from her friends. While the star has brought friends along with her, she also has a similar friendly feeling from her fans, to the point.

"Sometimes I forget that they are not literally my friends," he said. Variety of his fans in a new interview. "It's strange, like, that's probably the biggest scam in all that: that people I've never met think I'm very close to them. And then they forget that I'm not, and sometimes they say things at meetings. .-Thanks or publish things that are jokes or sarcastic about how bad I look in (certain) photo, and I'm like, wow, that's very bad. But then I remember that it's only part of being friends, you make fun of your friends like a joke, and they make fun of you, so everything is love, and really, I really don't want it to change. "

As she pointed out Variety"But also, I have to be careful. If I say something, there will be articles about me being bad, and also, I know from experience that when (you know) someone you have completely admired, even a joke can really ruin you."


As challenging as the relationship between artist and fanatic may be, there is also room for human connection.

"There's a group of girls I've met a couple of times and they're great," he said. "They followed me to my hotel, which I hate, Please Don't come to my hotel, but I realized it was them and we were alone in the parking lot at about 3 a.m. "

Eillish recalled: "We talked, laughed, joked and played a game of ninjas: it is this game in which you stand in a circle and try to separate by hitting your hands. But we just hang out and I was just friends with them

"And even other children," he continued, "wearing merch with my name, who come to my show, are like friends. I really feel like I'm seeing my friends again."