Baby Daddy, by Eva Marcille, Kevin McCall is charged with felony and misdemeanor charges


About a month ago, former Eva Marcille Kevin McCall was arrested after a physical altercation. Last month, "he made his first appearance in court after spending the night in jail after an altercation with a police officer in an Atlanta courthouse," The Shade Room reported at the time.

Now, it seems that after a month since Kevin had an altercation with the Atlanta police officers, he has been charged with new charges.

The entire incident was captured on video, in case you didn't know.

The man's legal problems continue to get worse, and the altercation resulted in injuries, according to the latest reports from TSR. This could have him behind bars.

TSR cites the TMZ information and notes that & # 39; a grand jury in Georgia officially accused Kevin of three charges for his role in the altercation last month with an Atlanta police sergeant, which began because he refused to stop record on your phone in court. & # 39;

It has also been revealed that "according to official legal documents, Kevin's charges include two minor charges, which are obstruction of a law enforcement agent for the use of threats or violence and terrorist threats."

The fact that Kevin is accused of second-degree criminal property damage was also reported.

People really don't seem to support him too much.

Someone said: "If bruh had not published anything on social networks, it would have been good … the less people know, the better he will be …"

A follower wrote: ‘Did you expect something different? "Bruh should have remained civil, but he wanted to act like a fool."

Another commenter posted: Gracias Thank you Jesus lmao, please keep that crazy out of the streets! "And one person said:" I feel he has mental problems and needs help. "


Eva Marcille recently bought a new house, and people got scared when she posted a photo on her social media account. They said Kevin could find her and harass her once more.

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