What brings Hannah Brown back to The Bachelor?


The Bachelor is changing things for the premiere of the 24 hour three hour season with Peter Weber distributing the roses.

Peter, who was the third runner-up during Hannah brownthe season of High school, begins to distribute the roses on Monday, January 6 while 30 contestants compete for their hearts. Among those contestants are three flight attendants, and Hannah Brown appears as a joke in the first trailer of the new season. Look for "a lovely enchantress,quot; who steals Peter, and a kiss, many times during the welcome party.

This season, the premiere does not end with the elimination of eight contestants in the first ceremony of roses. Spectators can watch the first group date with nine ladies who pass by the flight school with the Marine Corps pilot Alisa Johnson and Katie Higgins Cook, the first pilot of the Navy Blue Angels squad. In addition, a contestant meets Peter's entire family in the renewal of their parents' votes that also has a Tenille Arts performance.

But returning to Hannah, at the premiere, she hosts a group date and instructs nine contestants to reveal their most memorable sexual stories and fantasies in front of a live studio audience. In a statement, ABC had to make fun of that situation: "But what happens when Peter discovers Hannah distraught in the backstage? What she shares with him will leave them both as confused as ever. Do they both still have feelings? for each other? and share the same burning passion: Hannah will join the group of women in the Single mansion and keep dating Peter?

The official list of contestants will be revealed at a later date, but ABC previously revealed a list of women who might be competing to win Peter's heart.

The Bachelor opens on Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. on ABC