Wendy Williams happier than ever since her divorce and Kevin Hunter's. According to reports, he finally feels "Free!"


Wendy Williams has had the best time of her life since she filed for divorce from her husband for more than two decades, Kevin Hunter! However, now that the divorce process is coming to an end, he apparently feels freer than ever!

The talk show host allegedly feels that she finally lives alone for herself and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and that has been the best for her self-confidence.

This is how insider says that Wendy Williams has been living her best life after her divorce!

While the division began with a great betrayal, Kevin Hunter having a son with his lover, it turns out that in the end everything was the best for Wendy.

In fact, a source claims to know that this has been Wendy's best chapter so far.

It feels like a completely new beginning in your life and the talk show host loves that.

After all, he is finally rediscovering himself as a single person.

The source discovered through HollywoodLife that ‘tells people closest to her that she is living her best life and feeling free. Finally he is able to make decisions in his life, both personally and professionally, something he could not do, because Kevin did not agree with them. He always had his voice with his audience, but not so much with Kevin. "

They continued explaining that: "She felt bound and forced to end relations and friendships with people during the marriage she did not want." (Wendy is) very happy to be doing what he wants now. "

Indeed, a couple of days ago, Wendy shaded her ex with a publication that seemed to suggest the same as insider information.


"But with the dead weight gone and a very clear new life, I have discovered the BEST of my life," the star wrote on her Instagram account.

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