Tyler Cameron is reportedly "not interested,quot; in dating Stassie Karanikolaou officially – he wants to keep things casual!


After being linked to Gigi Hadid during the summer, it was rumored that Tyler Cameron was dating a friend from Kardashian-Jenner: Stassie Karanikolaou! But, according to an internal report, the former Bachelorette contestant is not interested in a serious relationship with blonde beauty!

In the past two weeks, the two have been quite comfortable, but now, a source claims to know what is really happening between them, telling E! News that Tyler wants to keep things casual.

That means there are no conditions, since Tyler still enjoys the single life, so fans will probably never see the two of them officially!

‘Tyler Cameron is not interested in dating Stassie. He returned to Los Angeles for a few weeks and just wants to have fun. They have been texting recently, but they are absolutely not going out, "the source said.

They continued explaining that the reason he is not yet ready to start something serious is mainly because he wants to prioritize his career at the moment.

That said, Tyler liked to go out with Stassi and his friends, and he was enjoying the scene of the Los Angeles party. He is not ready for a serious relationship and is focusing on his new project that he has been filming while in Los Angeles. "

As for Stassie, it is not clear if he is on the same wavelength with Tyler or if he would like them to have a more serious relationship.

Anyway, it seems that both have at least enjoyed their time together, as highlighted by how welcoming they have felt in some of their latest outings.


In other words, it is quite clear that they are having a lot of fun without putting any label on their relationship.

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