Taraji P. Henson reveals that he struggled a lot with depression and anxiety


According to Taraji P. Henson, his depression could get so bad in his life that he felt like he was living in a "dark cloud," a new report on page six revealed. The star admitted that he often had times when mood swings were the norm, for example, waking up in the morning and not wanting to leave the house, almost to the point of agoraphobia.

During an interview with Self Magazine, the 49-year-old actress talked about her mental state. The star admitted that sometimes he suffered anxiety, for example, accelerated thoughts and scattered brain, which would increase anxiety and concern about the possibility of bad things happening.

However, Taraji stated that there was no shame in feeling that way, because when he began to realize what was happening, he immediately decided to start talking to a therapist to help her solve her problems.

Henson says he found a therapist through his co-star, Gabourey Sidibe. Regarding how it was to find the right person for therapy, Sidibe said it was almost as if the sky opened and suddenly he could see everything clearly.

Taraji revealed that her saving grace was to find a black woman who could empathize with her problems. According to Henson, black women experience the world differently than other people and, often, expectations are unique, so I wanted to talk to a person who understood.

In addition, Henson expressed the idea of ​​the "strong black woman,quot; and claimed that it was a dangerous misconception. Henson admitted having felt "absolutely helpless,quot; sometimes in his life, and everyone sometimes feels that way, it's part of feeling human. Failure to recognize all facets of human experience, regardless of race, was a problem for everyone.

As fans of the actress know, she has been active in the mental health defense movement for some years, following her father's struggles after her return home from the Vietnam War.


In 2018, Henson started the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, which seeks to help those who struggle with psychological problems in the black community.

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