Remy Ma's assault case has just been abandoned: Brittney Taylor is probably disappointed


It has just been revealed that Remy Ma received good news. It seems that a judge decided to drop charges against Remy in his assault case that involved Brittney Taylor, his former Love and Hip Hop delivery partner

The Shade Room revealed all the available details and wrote that Remy appeared in a New York City courthouse the other morning along with his legal team.

TSR cites the TMZ information and reports that "the prosecutors in the case explained that they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she had committed a crime."

In case you don't know what this is all about, Brittney Taylor jumped on social media in April and posted a photo that appeared wearing a black eye.

Back then, she claimed that Remy hit her at a concert.

"Prosecutors now say there is no surveillance video of the alleged coup and that there are no witnesses who really saw this alleged altercation between them," according to TSR.

People never really supported Brittney, and now, after this news came out, Remy's supporters couldn't be happier, and claim that all this was just a lie.

Someone commented: "It still puzzles me how Brittney acts so hard and called the police after receiving a punch in the face,quot; the audacity. "

Another follower said: "Yes, starting 2020 in the right way I see," and one person posted this: "He thought he was really going to get somewhere lying."

In other news, it was reported that his son's girlfriend, Jace, Diamond, is pregnant.


This will make the rapper a grandmother with only 39 years.

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