Rah Digga defends rapper Hymen Check from his 18-year-old daughter


Since T.I. He revealed that he scheduled annual gynecology exams for his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah Harris, to make sure her hymen was still intact, the rapper received a shower of negative comments, even from New York lawmakers.

The revelation of T.I., although podcast announcers laughed at her, did not do well to the general public. As a consequence, the social media controversy has begun, especially among Twitter users, regarding the morality of such "purity tests,quot;, as well as their misogynist history.

However, one person who came out in defense of the rapper was Rah Digga, who, on December 1, tweeted that he was in solidarity with the artist. In addition, at the end of November, New York lawmakers proposed a new bill that prohibits such practice.

According to BET, Rah Digga seemed outraged on his Twitter account, stating that now it was not only criminal for parents to discipline their children, but also to "monitor their sex lives." When users came for Rah Digga, he explained the reasoning why she stands behind the reality star.

When a user told him that the purity test was a false way to monitor a woman's sex life, Rah Digga responded by admitting that she had also done the same for her daughter. Digga said that when he discovered that his daughter was not a virgin, he did not throw her out of the house or family, simply sat down and asked about it.

Following his statements, even the World Health Organization stated that the practice should be prohibited because it was not based on any legitimate medical or scientific reasoning. As noted above, all this began when T.I. He told his story in a podcast in November.


Rah Digga, arguing in defense of the rapper, stated that the outrage would not be similar if a mother admitted to having practiced such a practice. Digga continued to make a series of tweets that explain why he thought raising a child in the future would only become increasingly difficult as the years go by.

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