Queen Elizabeth has no plans to retire and will not run regent to Charles Prince, insists Royal Insider


In recent weeks, multiple reports have claimed that Queen Elizabeth plans to retire when she turns 95 in April 2021 and becomes her heir, Charles, Prince Regent of the United Kingdom. However, a royalty member insists that the rumors are not true, and that the story sounds "more like a plot of The crown."

An unidentified source said Vanity fair that despite the reports to the contrary, Queen Isabel has no intention of giving up her power to her son in order to retire to private life with her husband, Prince Felipe. And, definitely, he will not convert Charles Prince Regent, which means that he would take over the daily control of the monarchy while the Queen is still alive.

Buckingham Palace has denied all this, and a real senior assistant said: "There are no signs of surrender or withdrawal." A spokesman for Prince Charles echoed that sentiment by saying there are no plans for a transition of responsibilities. Not when the Queen turns 95, and not at any age.

Even so, Charles' duties continue to increase as his mother approaches the end of his reign, and she has drastically reduced her number of public appearances in recent years. Charles regularly intervenes for his mother, just as he did this week when he presented the Queen Elizabeth Engineering Prize at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Charles also joined Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family on Tuesday when they welcomed NATO leaders in the palace. Of course, Prince Andrew was not part of that meeting, as he was forced to withdraw from his duties with the royal family due to his disastrous BBC interview about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Although Prince Andrew has been dominating the royal headlines in recent days and essentially eclipsing the philanthropic efforts of the Windsor House, experts say Queen Elizabeth is doing well and is in good health. One of his assistants recently described the monarch as "of an extraordinary spirit considering all things."

"What you see and have seen in recent weeks is an example that the institution works well," says a real source. “The Queen can consult with many experienced advisors. She has that great advantage; but the consultation should not be seen as a desire to surrender its power. "

The source added that there seems to be a belief that the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew indicates that a great change is coming in the royal family. But is not. And, the Queen is still "firmly,quot; leading the royal family.

Prince Charles biographer Robert Jobson still believes a regency is possible, and the Queen will hand things over to Charles while retaining his title. Either way, Jobson says that the most important thing is to "maintain the strength and integrity of the institution."

"If she feels that her advanced age is somehow weakening the institution, then it would cause a change," Jobson said.

Palace assistants continue to insist that a regency will never occur, and a source expressed it best when they said "it is more like a plot of The crown instead of the truth. "


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