Oprah now has something in common with Taylor Swift and Joy Behar


Kid Rock was recently involved in an incident in which he had to be escorted off stage after he complained about the artist Oprah Winfrey.

The tirade continued to increase more and more, which led to the eventual removal of the star from the stage, amid criticism from many of his fans.

He said, "I'm like, Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar, they can suck d- sideways. F— Oprah Winfrey and f— Kathie Lee Gifford.

He added: "‘ Well, I'm pretty sure Kid Rock is racist. I'm like, ‘Good. F: off,quot; sideways. I am not the bad guy in this equation. I'm the type f –– in ’you want, like, hey, it's pretty cool."

Rock then tweeted: "People tried to make me do Oprah Winfrey years ago, and her people wanted me to write five reasons why I loved her and her program … I said f-that and she. End of story."

However, his words seem to have been very divisive, as many have also expressed their support for what he had to say, and has managed to create some minor online discussions after the situation.

The problem was reduced to the vulgar nature in which Kid Rock expressed his opinion on Oprah, something that did not fit well with the organizers of the event.

It is not clear if his real message was the reason for his expulsion, but that does not seem to be the case.

In fact, no one seemed to show any interest in removing him from the stage until the expletives began to emerge with full force.

The incident has been divisive among Kid Rock fans, and many exclaim that it could have gone too far, while others have been actively defending it on the Internet.

It is far from the first time that Kid Rock has generated controversy with his actions, and although it is difficult to know if he is doing it on purpose, he seems to know how to provoke a response in his audience, one way or another.

It remains to be seen how this incident will affect it in the long term.


In the past, he attacked Taylor Swift, Sight Co-host Joy Behar and TV host Kathie Lee Gifford.

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