Lori Harvey's mother advises her not to date rappers in a revived 2015 video amid future dating speculation!


Lori Harvey's mother warned him about dating rappers, but it seems he didn't listen! Amid the rumors that he is dating no less than Future, a 2015 video has resurfaced and introduces Marjorie's mother, 22, who gives him some advice on dating, in particular what kind of guys he should avoid.

In retrospect, their conversation at that time is quite fun since the young woman has already been linked to a couple of rappers.

Lori's mother seemed to want the best for her daughter, so she sat and stressed that she should not have a romantic relationship with any rapper or athlete.

However, it seems that Lori did not take long to forget the conversation.

However, the same cannot be said for the Internet, since the Internet never forgets anything!

The discussion was initially presented in the talk show of his stepfather Steve Harvey, but now he is on all social networks.

‘I know you just started dating this year. So how are we going to handle this? No athletes, no rappers. Let's go to the list, "says the mother, at that time, her 18-year-old daughter.

Lori tells the camera that ‘When it comes to dating, my mother has nothing to worry about. I have this. & # 39;

A few years later and all that mother-daughter conversation seems pointless!

After all, Lori is not only a letter in Meek Mill's Goek Bad, but also romantically related to not one but two different rappers this year!

One of them is Diddy, who was seen a lot last summer and the other is Future!

It is rumored that she and the latter are dating since October!


While none of these relationships has been confirmed, it is still quite ironic that Lori's mother warned her not to go out with rappers and yet she is constantly linked to them!

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