La La Anthony has confused fans after sharing photos with a skin-colored latex suit


La La Anthony, in a skin-colored latex suit, took the stage with her best friend, Ciara, at the American Music Awards, where he killed her.

the Power The actress appears in Ciara's new song "Melanin," which also features Lupita Nyong’o, Ester Dean and City Girls.

Carmelo Antony's wife posted some hot photos in her nude-colored outfit and said this: "I can't believe this has ONLY happened! I did with my best friend @ciara in the F #% CKING LOVES‼ ️ Representing all the queens of Melanin out there. I'm just having fun … living life! Thank you @ theestallion for sitting next to me, getting excited and holding my hand just before 🤣❤️I WILL LOVE YOU. THIS IS A MOMENT WE WILL TALK WHEN WE ARE LADIES OLD 🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️ #melanin "

Fans have many questions, such as how did he take it off and how does he pee?

One person asked: “Baby, you were a body! Was screaming! How long did it take you to get out of it? "Girl, do you look fabulous? And howls when you walk, dance or sit down?"

Another follower replied: "She did not. Now it is her new skin that will leave happily ever after. Yes, monochrome goddess. 🔥🔥"

Meanwhile, Carmelo has advanced quite well in his career and is currently going through a completely new contract.

Although, according to reports, the NBA star is satisfied with his professional situation, something is missing in his life: his closeness to his family.

La La recently decided to encourage him a little by using FaceTime to reunite him with his son, Kiyan, allowing the 12-year-old boy to virtually support his father during a recent game.

Carmelo could be seen in a video as he looked up to see his son's face on La La's phone, and his expression changed immediately.

He obviously did not expect that, but the gesture moved him deeply at the same time, and it is evident that his body language changed a lot at that time.

It remains to be seen how this situation will affect Carmelo in the long term. Being separated from one's family can take its toll on anyone, and no matter if the player is already hardened in this regard, he will undoubtedly feel the impact of the situation sooner or later.

Until now, La La has proven to be a great partner for him, and she has continuously supported him in their companies, so, hopefully, this will continue to be the case shortly, because the two make a great couple in many ways in this moment.


Despite the ups and downs that affected their marriage in recent years.

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