Kenya Moore shows her vulnerable side and opens up about the fight against infertility – Read her extremely emotional message


Kenya Moore posted a really emotional message on her social media account. She addressed the issue of infertility, and shared much of her own trip with fans and followers.

People thanked her for talking about this, and some of them even started looking at Kenya with more love than before after reading the sincere message.

Shamea Morton and others showed her a lot of love and support in the comments. Here is the message from Kenya.

‘Fighting infertility can be heartbreaking. I suffered from uterine fibroid tumors so large that they became the size of a full-term baby. My fight was televised for all to see. They even made fun of not having a child.
I wish I had a way to connect with other women who were going through the same problems. I had many questions, and a doctor simply could not be there for me emotionally. I cried so many times after visits to the doctor … test results, "Kenya began its publication.

She continued and told people: "I had no one to talk to that I really understood." I often felt lonely and depressed. I wanted to know why I … For women who are trying to conceive and can relate to these feelings, the @ peanut app has a community for you. Traditionally only for mothers and those who wait, it is very refreshing to see @peanut expanding its application to women on fertility trips. It is a space to meet, talk, listen and share, so you don't have to be alone. "

Kenya finished the message with: ‘As you can see in the beautiful photo that I gave birth to a healthy girl, but the trip was not easy. Download the app today and share your trip with other compassionate people. "

Shamea said: "Aaaah, it's very nice of you to share your trip and be so vulnerable .❤️ BLESSED,quot;

Claudia Jordan published this: ‘That was very evil when those girls came for you for not having a baby and those rude and sticky comments. Now look at you. You have the most beautiful and amazing girl of all! Looking at you and your experience to have more women hopes than you will ever meet @thekenyamoore. ❤️❤️ ’

Someone else said: & # 39; No matter how crazy everyone gets on that show, any real human being would be happy for you and this baby of yours … Especially given everything you went through with your mother, I'm happy that You can press the reset button and show the world and your daughter especially, which means being a great mother.


And these are just some of the really loving and supportive messages that Kenya received after its opening in this way.

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