Kanye West canceled on James Corden 3 times before sharing the Karaoke


Third is the charm!

Kanye west I could have done Late Late Show story with your Airpool Karaoke in October, but it almost didn't happen! Monday, James corden stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed that it took several attempts for the rapper to agree to make the favorite segment of the fans.

"This was the third time we tried to make a kind of Carpool Karaoke with Kanye," he told the host. Jimmy Kimmel. "The first time, he agreed and then canceled a few days later and you think, & # 39; Oh, well, that's a shame, but it's fine & # 39;".

On his next attempt, James said that Kanye's request to reschedule came at the least opportune moment.

"The second time Kanye canceled Carpool Karaoke it was so late on the day I drove his way in the car with all the cameras," Late Late Show The host continued. "And I received this phone call saying it had been canceled. And literally, I think I basically turned away from home to return to the studio."

Finally, Kanye approached and approached James to film the segment. After presenting his idea of ​​his Sunday service choir joining him on a plane, Kanye wanted Late Late Show team to have everything ready in a matter of days. Unfortunately for James, Kanye had other programming error

Determined to make it work, the rapper "Closed Sunday,quot; delivered it and ended up being James's favorite Late Late Show moment.

"I have to say that, of all the things we have done in the program, and I consider that many things have been an absolute privilege, like being in that plane surrounded by that choir sitting with him, and he was in a great place , in a very good mood, "said James. "Never, I will never forget how that chorus sounded on that plane. It was amazing. And I really thought, & # 39; This was a unique thing in life that I will never, never can … & # 39; Never, I will never forget It was an incredible moment. "

Speaking of pinching me moments, James also talked about working with Meryl streep in Ryan Murphythe next movie Walk. "It's completely scary, it's a scary thing," he said while discussing the project. "I'm in many scenes with Meryl Streep and that's always scary because, you know, I'm going to have to load it in every scene."

But James said that speaking with an American accent for the film is actually more frightening than sharing the screen with Meryl. Apparently, James might have to work a little more on his accent …

Watch him relive his "Airpool Karaoke,quot; with Kanye and make his best American accent in the video above!

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