How Lionel Richie really feels for Sofia Richie, Scott Disick

Lionel richie has “accepted,quot; daughter Sofia Richierelationship with Scott Disick.

While the Grammy winner had his doubts in the past about romance, considering Sofia and Scott’s 15-year-old age difference, a source tells E! News that you are making “more of an effort,quot; with the Flip it like Disick star. In fact, Sofia, 21, and Scott, 36, recently spent Thanksgiving with the “Hello,quot; singer.

“Scott and Sofia are still together and everything is fine for now,” the source tells E! News, adding that Sofia is “in love,quot; with Scott. “They spent Thanksgiving with Lionel Richie and everyone flew together in their private jet for their vacation trip.”

“Lionel has accepted their relationship, but is not yet 100 percent fully with Scott, mainly due to the age difference and how young Sofia is,” the source shares. “However, Lionel can see how happy Sofia is, so she is definitely making a greater effort with Scott.”

“He is a really honest and sincere guy, and he feels that his father-daughter relationship with Sofia is more important than anything, so he is trying to be there for Sofia and support her despite his reservations about their relationship.” source adds. “However, everyone had a really great vacation together and the progress is sure between Lionel and Scott.”

Denise Truscello / Getty Images for Wynn Nightlife, Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

Sofia and Scott, who shares three children with ex Kourtney Kardashian, caused for the first time rumors of romance in 2017. In the midst of speculation, E! News spoke with Sofia about his father’s reaction to his love life.

“It is good. It has been very kind. It has been very good. It is very supportive, whatever that means,” said the model while her father gestured with her hand behind her, which looked like a gun pointed at her head .

Months later, Lionel approached the relationship again in an interview with Australia Daily Telegraph, “She is 19 years old. When you are 19, you know everything. Will it be for a lifetime? I don’t know. But for now it’s just a phase and I’m going to sit still in the corner. Have a good drink and don’t do too much noise “.

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