Cardi B responds to rumors of compensated deception in the middle of the Instagram hack


Corey tenold

Be careful, Make up for.

According to The Shaderoom, Tekashi 6ix9ineThe latter's girlfriend took Instagram earlier this morning to post a video showing that the Migos the rapper allegedly slipped in his direct messages on the social platform to say: "I miss you."

In the Instagram post, Tekashi's girlfriend wrote: "Your wife @iamcardib has an OPEN CRIMINAL CASE, why do you write to me that you don't respect her ??????? There are many things that have not yet been exposed, but there is a time for that. " She even cited one of Cardi Bverses of a line in a Sorry FontaneThe single "Backin & # 39; It Up,quot;, which writes: "I am the QUEEN to speak shit now I am backing it,quot;.

But, as always, Cardi is not here to hear rumors.

The 27-year-old turned to Instagram to close the rumors and let the public know that Offset had been hacked.

"I just woke up and we dealt with this shit," Cardi wrote next to an Instagram video that shows a page of the privacy settings of the Offset Twitter account. According to the video published by Cardi, they tried to reset or change their password.

In another screenshot published by The Shaderoom, it seems that Offset's Twitter was also hacked. Screenshots of now deleted tweets showed the rapper tweeting explicit things.

However, people on social networks rushed to point out the fact that the DM to Tekashi's girlfriend happened on Instagram around 1 a.m. this morning and the now deleted tweets occurred earlier this morning after the fact.

Tekashi's girlfriend also echoed a similar sentiment when she posted in her Instagram Stories that "the hack started after it was exposed," referring to the rapper.

"Why didn't it start at 1 in the morning," Tekashi's girlfriend added.


In a second video, Cardi posted another video of her and the "Clout,quot; rapper trying more on the topic of her social media account being hacked.

"Baby, just relax," Cardi tells Offset.

"Both waking the bullsh-t," he wrote on Instagram.

In a longer video, where she gives more information and context about the situation, Cardi says: "Hi guys, as you can see, Instagram of this type has been hacked. We look crazy, we just woke up. We've been sick all the time. damn night (…) Anyway, you know, I know baby, you've done some silly nonsense. Everyone knows he has done some silly nonsense. But come on, (he) isn't dumb, he's not crazy, we have been so good, we have had a sweet weekend, our life has been good, it will not play like that, that is why I am not going to entertain that, that is why I am not going to have noisy. Simple as that. "

"Go ahead," Offset says in the background as he holds his baby, Kulture.

As fans will remember, this is not the first time the couple has had to deal publicly with accusations of infidelity. In December last year, rapper "Thru Your Phone,quot; announced that he was separating from his then fiance after rumors that he cheated hit the surface.

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