Cardi B defends Offset after Jade proves he cheated on her by saying he missed her: he claims he was hacked!


Earlier today, the emcee went to her platform to close the rumors that her husband had sent DMde Jade, 6ix9ine’s girlfriend! Cardi B hastened to recognize that Offset is definitely not perfect and that in the past, in fact, it has done “dumb,quot; things, but that is not the case in the present.

In other words, she insisted that everything was going well between them now so he wouldn’t betray her again and ruin him.

But then, what about what Sarah & # 39; Jade & # 39; Wattley? You may know that beauty revealed that Migos rapper slipped on his DMs in a clip!

Well, Cardi posted a couple of videos of her own on Instagram to explain that her husband had been hacked!

‘Hi guys, as you can see, Instagram of this type has been hacked. Anyway, honey, I know you’ve done some nonsense. Everyone knows he has done some nonsense, but come on, n * ggas is not dumb, n * ggas is not crazy. We have been very good. We had a sweet weekend, life has been good. He is not going to play himself like that. That’s why I’m not entertaining him, that’s how I’m not going crazy. It’s as simple as that, ok, I love them, “says Cardi in a clip.

This came after social networks were scared by Jade’s proof that he had received an Offset message that said: “Miss u fr,quot;.

In the caption, Jade also addressed the man, saying: ‘Your wife @iamcardib has an OPEN CRIMINAL CASE, why do you write to me that you don’t respect her ??????? There are many things that I have not yet exposed, but there is a time for that. “I’m the QUEEN,quot; of talking shit now, I’m supporting it.

Following Cardi’s claim that his man was simply hacked, Jade reacted, and it seems he was not convinced!

“The hack started after you exposed yourself, why didn’t it start at 1 a.m. (laughing emojis),” he wrote.


What do you think of Cardi’s statement? Was Offset hacked or did you really make another mistake?

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