Wendy Williams drags "privileged,quot; and "stupid,quot; Olivia Jade for returning to her YouTube channel months after Mom Lori Loughlin's university entrance scandal


The YouTuber is back on the platform for the first time since the big scandal of the university entrance exam in which his mother, actress Lori Loughlin was involved, exploded. In response, Wendy Williams went ahead and hit Olivia Jade, calling her things like "rightful,quot; and "privileged,quot; and even "stupid."

The talk show host made it clear what his opinion was about Olivia Jade's return to YouTube, saying he should "go!"

During her Hot Issues segment today, Wendy told her audience that Lori Loughlin's stupid and entitled daughter has just broken her silence for the first time since the university admission scandal. I don't want to call her stupid, I just don't care. It encloses the mother, the daughter leaves and Mossimo, continues sewing those clothes. "

Oh! Clearly, Wendy didn't contain anything!

She went on to say that while the 20-year-old has lost a lot of sponsorships due to the scandal, she will most likely recover them all because she is so privileged.

The host did not sympathize with Olivia since she is in this situation due to her mother and father, arguing that ‘20 is old enough to understand that her parents manipulated the system. Your mother will go to jail. "

In regards to Wendy, Olivia should stay away from YouTube for the next decade, not just 9 months, which is the time that has passed since she left the platform after her mother's legal problems.


‘I wasn't stupid at 20, I mean I was stupid, but not stupid enough not to know if my parents are criminals. I think I should go to college, study something and become something and let everyone forget it. You know what, in 5 years you're forgiven, but you waited 9 months too soon, girl, too soon, "said Wendy.

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