Week 14 Rankings Fantasy: Defense


Last week, two D / ST near the top of the fantasy leaderboards, San Francisco and New England, had tough clashes. Indeed, both did almost nothing, possibly costing their squads in the fantasy playoffs. This week, both the 49ers and the Patriots have unfavorable clashes again, so it is not surprising that they are falling into the fantasy defense ranking of Week 14. But as always is the problem when the best options fall, we have to Find out what exemption of cables and sleepers can fill your starting points.

This week, clashes point to Jets (against Dolphins), Colts (@ Buccaneers), Packers (against Redskins), Seahawks (@ Rams), Texans (against Broncos), Falcons (against Panthers) and Titans (@ Raiders), all they are viable options that are available on most exemption cables. Obviously, some are more risky than others, but clashes often help defenses a lot and these clashes often produce the most points.

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The 49ers (@ Saints) and the Patriots (vs. Chiefs) are not the only normally reliable starting units with difficult confrontations. The Bills (vs. Ravens), Rams (vs. Seahawks) and Bears (vs. Cowboys) are also in bad places. It's hard to completely discard the Rams, but the Bears and the Bills shouldn't be in fancy alignments.

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When it comes to playing Patriots and 49ers, there is no definitive answer. Both have enough talent to produce, and the Patriots at least give themselves the luxury of playing at home. But the risk seems higher than the reward with both, so, unless your alignment is stacked in virtually any other position, you may want to look elsewhere and hope to stay alive long enough to free the Pats. and 49ers in the Bengals and Falcons, respectively, in week 15.

Reminder: These ratings will be adjusted throughout the week, so check back often for updates and analysis!

Classification of the 14th week of fantasy football: defense

WEEK 14 DFS: Lineup Builder

1 Minnesota Vikings vs. Lions. David Blough was not bad against the Bears in his NFL debut (two catches, INT, 23 offensive points scored), but his first start on the road, in a noisy dome against a divisional opponent, nothing less, probably won't be so easy. The Vikings have been a bit disappointing this year, especially in recent times, but we still like their chances of making Lions one-dimensional and forcing Blough to pass, and make mistakes, early and often.
two Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cardinals. Whether for his hamstring pain or just for the rookie wall, Kyler Murray fought the Rams last week, took six catches, threw an INT (which was returned for a touchdown) and led the Cardinals to just seven points . The Steelers continue to be a profitable source of fantasy points, recording multiple entries to take in all but two games this year and at least four catches in four of the last five games.
3 Philadelphia Eagles vs. Giants. Fantasy owners may distrust the use of the Eagles after they faced the Dolphins last week, but Daniel Jones and the Giants are even more generous with fantasy defenses. Surprisingly, New York has allowed only one sack to the Bears and Packers in the last two games, but converted four times and scored only 27 offensive points in that span. The Eagles have at least three catches in four of the last five games, including nine in the last two contests. With this game in Philadelphia on Monday night, you can feel even better about Philly's chances of pressing Jones to make some mistakes.
4 4 New York jets against dolphins. Like the Eagles, the Jets were also a big disappointment last week, but also like the Eagles, they were on the road and were able to return home to another favorable showdown this week. In the four games prior to Week 13, New York had recorded 17 catches, five to go and two defensive touchdowns in similar favorable clashes. That includes a game of four catches against Miami in Week 9. The Jets didn't do much more in that competition, but they've been much better at home practically all year, totaling 10 of their 15 takeaways and three of their five TDs. defensive. at the MetLife stadium. The Dolphins have allowed at least three catches in all but one game this year, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is always capable of a multiple rotation game. Return to the Jets train this week.
5 5 Baltimore Ravens @ Bills. The Ravens achieved only one victory against the 49ers last week, but limited them to only 17 points. In the last four games (Bengals, Texans, Rams, 49ers), Baltimore allowed an average of 10.8 offensive points and had eight points to take. Josh Allen and the Bills have delivered it only three times in the last eight games, so this is definitely a difficult confrontation for the Ravens, especially along the way. But given its depth of game creators and possible weather problems, we still believe that Baltimore will cause Allen some problems and continue his good performance.
6 6 Indianapolis Colts @ Buccaneers. You never know what Jameis Winston is going to appear. You could get the one from last week that didn't throw an INT; Or you could get the one that threw eight INTs in the previous three games. Most likely, he throws a couple of selections, and is also more susceptible to strip bags. The Colts have had multiple participations in three of the last five games, and recorded six season catches against Tennessee last week. This is a boom or bust, but we know that the reward could be huge.
7 7Green Bay Packers vs. Red Skins
8Cleveland Browns vs. Bengals
9 9San Francisco 49ers @ Saints
10Seattle Seahawks @ Rams
elevenHouston Texans vs. Broncos
12Tennessee Titans @ Raiders
13Atlanta Falcons vs. Panthers
14Los Angeles Rams vs. Seahawks
fifteenNew England Patriots vs. Bosses
sixteenJacksonville Jaguars vs. Chargers
17Los Angeles Chargers @ Jaguars
18 yearsArizona Cardinals vs. Steelers
19Carolina Panthers @ Falcons
twentyDallas Cowboys @ Bears
twenty-oneNew Orleans Saints vs. 49ers
22Chicago Bears vs. Cowboys
2. 3Miami Dolphins @ Jets
24Cincinnati Bengals @ Browns
25Denver Broncos @ Texans
26Oakland Raiders vs. Titans
27Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Colts
28Kansas City Chiefs @ Patriots
29Buffalo Bills vs. Crows
30New York Giants @ Eagles
31Detroit Lions @ Vikings
32Washington Redskins @ Packers