Watch Carissa Culiner of Daily Pop to discover the sex of her baby!

Is a…?!

Pregnant Daily pop host Carissa culiner I received some important news during the Monday morning broadcast. The e! Star had his family on hand when the sex of his future baby was revealed live in the air.

“Today is a great day for my family,” said the 33-year-old, sitting next to her husband. Shanon and his son Persecution. “We are about to find out if we are going to have a boy or a girl live in the program. We have no idea what it is. We have been waiting patiently and we also have my parents in the studio, my brother in FaceTime, his brother in FaceTime and his father is watching in Miami. So we are very excited to find out. ”

Carissa supposed it would be a boy and she Daily pop co-hosts Justin Sylvester and Erin Lim agreed. Meanwhile, in an effort to shake things up, Shanon assumed she was a girl. Moments later, Carissa blew up a giant balloon to reveal a cloud of pink confetti: it’s a girl!

“I’m so happy!” Carissa sprang with emotion. “I wanted a girl, I just thought it was going to be a boy.” Watch Carissa’s sweet revelation and reaction in the clip above!

Carissa previously announced that she is pregnant with baby number 2 during the October 22 episode of Daily pop.

“A certain person at this table has been keeping a big secret and I’m going to expose it now,” Carissa shared before playing a clip of Chase discovering she will have a brother.

“I am so excited.” “We wanted another baby and we were very excited about that. Now I have 13 weeks, so the baby will arrive in April.”

Carissa and Shanon welcomed Chase on November 30, 2017.

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