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Toni Braxton celebrated her best friend, Bille Woodruff's birthday with a sweet message: read it here


Toni Braxton celebrates her best friend's birthday and, to commemorate this event, she shared a message along with a couple of photos on her social media account. Read it below.

‘Screaming happy birthday to my best friend @billewoodruff! I love you "enjoy your BORNday!" Toni subtitled his post.

Billie Woodruff replied: ‘I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND RETURN! 😘😘 Thank you @tonibraxton, the best best friend in the world! ❤️❤️🙏🏾 OH and guess my age, but nobody will know the real age except my mom! 😂😂 ’

A follower said: ‘I loved watching the music videos he made. So elegant, like a photo shoot of Vogue. ❤️ ’

Someone else posted this: ‘HBD-GOAT in the field of R / B music videos. When I saw his name, I thought why that name sounds so familiar to me, although I immediately thought of music videos. And when I searched Google for the name, bam! But I didn't know that he directed so many! Wow / congratulations also for your success! "

A fan said: ‘Amazing video director, they don't do EM anymore hahaha this! He ran the 90s "Happy birthday! ❤"

A commentator was surprised by Billie's age and said: "45? Wowzers has definitely been blessed with the good Gene. Happy birthday to him! & # 39;

Someone exclaimed: "I have not studied your age! Brother, you are well! Happy young birthday!

Toni appeared in the headlines not long ago when he shared a video in which he sang along with Steven Tyler.


She told her fans that she felt she had returned to college and revealed to her followers that he used to be his crush on the rock band.

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