Tiny Harris confesses that she got "outside,quot; while married to T.I. – She cheated too?


Tiny Harris has never cheated on her husband T.I., although there are pictures of her with other men while the two were married. During a new interview on Red Table Talk, the couple talked about their relationship and revealed some shocking details.

First, Tiny and T.I. He turned to the drama about the rapper who was going to the gynecologist with his eldest daughter to verify that his hymen is still intact.

After sharing their opinion on the so-called "hymengate,quot; scandal, the married couple also discussed their marriage, as it is often a topic on which people feel frustrated.

While he admitted that TIP has really been unfaithful in the past, Tiny also revealed that she also "showed."

‘You dated women all in the‘ gram. You were relieved, "Tiny said while on Jada Pinkett Smith's talk show on Facebook.

YOU. He added that "they both enjoyed,quot; themselves.

"We've both been there (with other people) a bit, but mine wasn't as extensive as yours," Tiny argued.

She continued explaining what she wanted to say, emphasizing that "never, never, never, had sex with anyone but you while we were married." So that is real. You've seen me with people (but) we never had any sexual encounters. "

The Xscape singer also talked about the reason she took T.I. even after giving you the divorce papers in 2017.

As a result, he "changed again,quot; to the man he married for the first time and that is why he decided to give his marriage another chance despite the pitfalls.


Addressing her husband, Tiny added: ‘You came back as if you really wanted to solve things and really wanted the relationship. Before … it was like … the grass is greener around here, so that's what I'm doing. Until, I guess, you found out it wasn't like that. "

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