SN College Soccer Ranking Week 15: Alabama's loss sets the final stage of Playoff deals


Only one thing separates us from the final matches of the 2019 college football qualifier: the conference championship weekend.

The last Playoff contenders were reduced once again on Saturday, with the fifth ranked Alabama and the eighth ranked Minnesota losing to Auburn and Wisconsin, respectively, in Rivalry Week. That creates a crazy race between Georgia, Utah, Oklahoma and Baylor for fourth and last place in Playoff, assuming Ohio State and Clemson win this week.

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As for the Sporting News rankings, Alabama, Minnesota and Michigan fell after their respective losses, the last two in particular after major losses against Big Ten rivals. Crimson Tide, although still ranked in the top 10, has been completely eliminated from the Playoff dispute and will have to settle for a New Year's Day 6 bowl.

Of course, the winners of those respective games saw big jumps, including the Buckeyes, who jumped to LSU for first place in the last SN rankings. Other engines include Cincinnati, which lost the duel of the American Athletic Conference with Memphis on Friday, and Virginia, which ended a 15-year losing streak against Virginia Tech to enter the top 25.

With that, the 25 best university soccer rankings of SN before the list of games of Week 15:

Sporting News Week 15 university football rankings

1Ohio State (12-0)+1
twoLSU (12-0)-1
3Clemson (12-0)
4 4Georgia (11-1)
5 5Utah (11-1)+1
6 6Oklahoma (11-1)+1
7 7Baylor (11-1)+2
8Alabama (10-2)-3
9 9Wisconsin (10-2)+8
10Chestnut (9-3)+8
elevenOregon (10-2)
12Penn State (10-2)
13Notre Dame (10-2)
14Florida (10-2)
fifteenMemphis (11-1)
sixteenBoise State (11-1)
17Michigan (9-3)-7
18 yearsMinnesota (10-2)-10
19Navy Blue (9-2)+1
twentyIowa (9-3)+1
twenty-oneApplication Status (11-1)+1
22Cincinnati (10-2)-3
2. 3SMU (10-2)+1
24Louisiana (10-2)-1
25Virginia (9-3)NR

Move: Virginia
Abandoned: Virginia Tech