Sisters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor have fun in Los Angeles


Janhvi Kapoor is currently in Los Angeles having a good time with his younger sister Khushi Kapoor, who studies there. The latest attractions on her Instagram are photos and videos of her trip to Los Angeles, where she went to meet her sister and we are surely hooked.

Showing his love for french fries, Khushi Kapoor even posted a video of Janvhi eating a portion of french fries for the fifth time in two days. There is also a picture of the two sisters showing their prettiest smiles for the camera together, which Janhvi graciously captioned as if she felt like a rainbow.

Janhvi also posted a very nice video of leaning on Khushi's shoulder and she planting a kiss on the cheek and gave the image the cutest title: "Can you say that I am the older brother?"

Check out all the photos and videos of her fun day with her sister here.