Porsha Williams finds it painful to relive the betrayal of fiance Dennis McKinley while transmitting his deceptive plot on RHOA!


It was quite difficult when he went through it, so having to watch the drama unravel again on the show this time, it's definitely not something he prefers to do! Porsha Williams and her fiance Dennis McKinley were involved in a trap scandal and their relationship really suffered because of that!

In fact, they even broke up for a while, but today, it seems they are trying again.

In any case, the patch was very painful for the RHOA star and now that his broken heart will be transmitted in the series as part of his story, he has to relive that pain once more!

As you will remember, the scandal came at a horrible time for them, not that there is a good time to cheat.

But even so, the couple seemed very happy and had even welcomed their little daughter, Pilar Jhena, only three months before when rumors began to circulate.

As a result, the man had had an affair while Porsha waited for his bundle of joy and reportedly admitted it during a therapy session together.

Meanwhile, they have met, but that does not take away the painful experience that Porsha will have to go through again, somehow, while the program is broadcasting.

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Porsha and Dennis have been working hard to keep their relationship on track since the summer and that they are better than ever. It was very difficult for Porsha to forgive Dennis for cheating and it has been difficult for them as a couple to revive him and listen to people talk about it now that it is broadcast on television. It was filmed months ago and now they are in a different place. They have advised and spoken and listened to each other. "


Ors Porsha has seen many positive changes in Dennis and seems to have given him everything to find forgiveness. Porsha finds it hard to see him and Dennis has never really seen the show, so he is definitely not interested in watching it now. It was a terrible moment for both of us, "they continued to scrub.

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