Old Tom Brady can beat the Patriots another Super Bowl in the same way as young Tom Brady


Tom Brady is still good enough to win the Patriots a seventh Super Bowl. Anyone who doesn't think about it, is watching their 2019 season, which doesn't look like a GOAT, the wrong way.

The New England quarterback at age 42 is not playing as an old version of himself. In fact, what we are seeing from him now resembles a much younger version of Brady, the player who won three Super Bowl rings and two MVPs before his 28th birthday.

New England slips after defeat in Houston

Brady's worst season in recent memory came in 2013, when he completed 60.5 percent of his passes and scored 87.3 in pass efficiency with a QBR of 62.1 in his career, low in his career, while pitching alone. 6.9 yards per attempt. His totals that year were 380 completions in 628 attempts, 4,343 yards, with 25 entries to 11 interceptions.

Fast forward to 2019: Brady is completing 61.1 percent of his passes, with an 88.2 pass efficiency rating with a new low QBR in his 52.1 career. He is on his way to 396 completions in 648 career and league attempts, 4,357 yards passing with 24 touchdowns to 8 INTs. Those complete numbers of the regular season of the past and the projected numbers of the regular season of the present are disturbingly similar.

In the playoffs after the 2013 season, the Patriots escaped with a Brady below average in a Colts defeat in the divisional round due to a dominant running game. But they lost to the Broncos in the AFC championship game when the QB failed to deliver enough big passes.

The numbers suggest that Brady is back at that level or below, which could mean the fatality for the Patriots and his effort to win a fourth Super Bowl in six seasons. As was the case in 2013, Julian Edelman is the top clear receiver of New England without a reliable external threat in the position. The Patriots also don't have Rob Gronkowski, who wasn't healthy for most of the 2013 season, including the playoffs.

But back then, the Patriots were an elite team running with a defense in the background. They also had a heinous pass protection, and Brady took 40 career captures that season. In 2019, the Patriots have not been a good racing team, but their defense has been mainly elite. His offensive line has been better, but he has had problems blocking the route without center David Andrews and without the help of fullback James Develin and Gronkowski.

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Sunday night's loss to Texans led some to wonder if Brady lost it this season. However, his performance (24 of 47, 326 yards, 3 touchdowns, INT, pin rate of 85.9, 6.9 yards per attempt) was Brady's best in a month. What makes sense considering that he finally had his full complement of linemen, backups and receivers.

So, while many are in Brady for making a mistake and not having enough big plays in Houston, the bad news for the rest of the league is that the great second half of Week 13 could end up being a very necessary springboard for the offensive from New England. December and January.

Tom brady

Sunday night's game showed that Brady in 2019 is more like the 2003 Brady and not 2013. In 2003, of course, the Patriots were in their best form for their second Super Bowl victory in their first dynasty of three rings Brady's numbers then, before QBR existed: 317 completions in 527 attempts, 3,620 yards, 23 TDs, 12 INTs, 60.2 completion percentage, 6.9 yards per attempt and a pin rating of 85.9.

You also remember how that season ended, right? Through a high pass volume in Super Bowl 38, Brady made sure the Patriots didn't lose to the Panthers by completing 32 of 58 passes for 354 yards, 3 touchdowns and an INT in a 32-29 victory.

The Patriots in 2003, by the way, were not a good hurried team and had a defense in the top five. They didn't have a dominant wide receiver, with Troy Brown and Deion Branch as the pair of favorite boys. Overall, with Phillip Dorsett, Mohamed Sanu and Jakobi Meyers, Brady's cabins in 2019 have a similar feeling on the committee.

James White remains the best version of Kevin Faulk as the main Brady receiver. That team arrived before Randy Moss, and this team comes after Josh Gordon and, although briefly, Antonio Brown. As was the case with the Patriots before Gronk, the Patriots after Gronk have seen sporadic closed-wing production.

Brady in 2003Brady in 2019 (projected)
317 completions396 endings
527 attempts648 attempts
3,620 aerial yards4,357 aerial yards
23 TDs24 TD
60.2 comp. %61.1 comp. %
85.9 pin rating88.2 pin rating

The Patriots are rolling with their current team around Brady because they can do it. No team is better at allowing their offensive identity to adjust and evolve over the course of a season, and New England has the advantage that Brady is the teacher. If your orchestra does not sound good, you are not afraid to throw your club and challenge your teammates. It may be Josh McDaniels' offense, but after all these years, with the quarteback being the constant, it really is Brady's system.

After launching an elite attack last season, the Patriots did not expect to fight in 2019 with Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead. Their Gordon and Brown projects also failed. Injuries and other factors have thrown keys to their plans, so the Patriots have done what they do: find different types to do the job.

Some examples are his exchanges for Sanu and trusting Meyers more. And at some point, you know that rookie first-round catcher N & # 39; Keal Harry will be a bigger ace in the hole.

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The Patriots could have worried if they had lost to the Texans, a team with a bad general defense, thanks to the apathetic offensive. Instead, to the dismay of other AFC contenders as the next New England opponent in Kansas City, Brady seemed to regain his rhythm with everyone finally tuned in to him.

If the Patirots don't win another Super Bowl, this Brady won't be the reason.

This Brady is actually the only reason they have the opportunity to overcome their offensive struggles.