NeNe Leakes dining room has people amazed: see this photo


NeNe Leakes shared a photo on his Casa Leakes social media account, how he likes to call it and Gregg Leakes' house. People are impressed by the arrangement in the dining room, and they praise NeNe in the comments.

"Tune in to #RHOA TONIGHT at 8 pm on @bravotv. I have some special guests who will come to Casa Leakes tonight." NeNe captioned its post yesterday, inviting fans and fans to watch a new episode of RHOA.

Someone said: ‘Watching. I want to leave you on the show. Beautiful surroundings You look beautiful "and a follower published this:" After filming these scenes with food, what do they do with leftovers, give the camera crew? "

A follower wrote: "Hello beautiful, I love you so much, I am a Nene team,quot; and another person said: "Hello, my favorite housewife, where is my invitation to Casa Leakes? Luv u Nene :)"

One person sprouted over NeNe's house: "Your house is very elegant, very warm,quot; and someone else also noticed: "Yasss jugs! I love a good decanter! Especially a glass jug!"

A fan told NeNe: ‘I saw you last night in the Felt room at MGM in DC and I couldn't believe how rude you were! We had just left his shop and we saw him and we could bait a greeting. I was in total shock. "


A few days ago, NeNe impressed her fans when she told them that her husband, Gregg Leakes, helped her during this busy time of the year with her business.

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